With Foodtrailsindia, we want you to see the City Beautiful, as Chandigarh is fondly called, on bicycles. With its dedicated bicycle lanes and wide roads, the city offers you the opportunity to explore it on a bicycle. Designed by French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier, in 1951; Chandigarh has been divided into sectors. The City Beautiful boasts of separate bicycle lanes (called V8's) in most of its parts.



Our tours will give you a chance to explore the way the locals do and you will be assisted by experienced guides. With your guides telling you about all the dishes, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the history of the recipes and seeing the dishes being prepared. In between the gluttony, you will also get a chance to visit some traditional shops apart from a special random surprise visit in the centuries-old bazaars in the city.

Discover Indian food with us

With FoodTrailsIndia, we want you to experience the Indian cuisine in a way the locals do. Join us for discovering the food trails and also experience the old bazaars and the by lanes to explore the Indian food. Be it Amritsar’s centuries old dhabhas or Chandigarh’s eateries. The food tours offer you all.

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With FoodTrailsIndia, we want you to see the Guru di Nagri (Guru’s city), as Amritsar is fondly called, on foot and indulge in tasting the centuries old recipes of the Old city apart from experiencing traditional markets. With its narrow by lanes and more than 3000 shops inside the old city, the old city guarded by 12 historical gates, the old city offers travelers a chance to explore the food capital of North India and also to see the traditional shops being run by generations of families.